Arts & Crafts Village has an Artist in Residence Programme that accepts artists and craftsmen from around the world.
 As part of this programme, we have organised exhibitions and concerts with foreign artists in Japan, as well as overseas exhibitions and tours by Japanese artists and craftsmen.
These projects are not currently funded and are primarily for the purpose of creative and cultural exchange in cooperation with local residents.
This is not simply a workshop for production.

For visitors, this is a small craft village where aspiring craftsmen and established artists gather from both home and abroad. Please email us for details of Artist in Residence.


Artists who have stayed so far

1992 Philippe Brooks(Cabinet maker)AZ

1993-1995 James Winby (Cabinet maker)  UK

1995 Ra Mason (Student/ Japanese)   UK

1999 Frorence Leoshock (Cabinet maker) AZ

1999-2000 Malcolm Wood (Musician) UK

1999 Deborah Law (Printmaker) UK

1999 Julia Finzel(Printmaker)  UK

2001 Mamiko Aida, (printmaker), JPN
2001-2002 John Chapman (Illustrator)  UK

2002 Ben Thomas (Cabinet Maker) UK

2003-2004 Yoshiko Nakano (weaver), JPN

2005 Ron Korb (Musician) Canada

2005,2008,2013 Vivien Pridaux (Dyer)  UK

2011 Ekkeland Goetze (Painter)  GER

2017 Noemi Dagon  (Weaver)  ISR

2018 Mathew Cole (Painter)  USA 
2019 Deb Donnelly (Artist) NZL



Workaway is a programme that enables young people to experience international exchange through volunteer work where accommodation and meals are provided for them.
Arts & Crafts Village has been accepting Workawayers since 2013.
During the season from mid-March to the beginning of December, one to several volunteers from overseas live here together while completing various work tasks around the village.