The original of this settee was made by Sidney Barnsley (1865-1926).
He was one of the Arts and Crafts Movement woodworker who had been worked at Cotswold. He never allowed to use electric machine at his workshop even in early 20 century. He used English local timber like oak or chestnut and designed simple furnitures inspired by local farmer’s tools or works.  The back of this settee was designed from the horse wagon. 

This showed the spirit of Arts and Crafts Movement that exclude unnecessary decorations and make full use of the materials’s qualities.

The original settee had  rather longer and wider bench so that people can take a nap as a Day Bed.

We made this short and narrow version of the settee in order to adjust Japanese small room.
You can order various size. 

Yasunori Nagao of Arts & Crafts Village had studied at the Edward Barnsley (1900-87) Educational Trust in 1990. Edward was a son of Sidney Barnsley and he took over his father’s workshop. After his death, the workshop became a trust and still runs.

size:W1400×D550×H900×SH400cm(short version)
   Size change available
finish:natural oil