Cherry Dyed Linen Shawl

For these pieces, the cloth was dyed with sawdust leftover from the cherry tree wood that Arts & Crafts Village uses to make furniture

After boiling the sawdust in a pot in our dyeing room (the old school kitchen), the first colour that is created is yellow, not pink. After several techniques and dyeing it gradually becomes the pink colour you see in the shawls.

It is interesting that there are subtly different shades every time we dye the cloth. The colour changes depending on the material, thread thickness, and mordanting.

Each has a natural texture, including shiny silk, textured wool, and cotton that easily fades in the sun.

Name: Cherry-dyed Linen shawl
Material: linen
Size: 60cm X 200cm
Technique: Shawl woven with an old shuttle weaving machine in Shiga Prefecture, dyed with cherry wood sawdust