Child Chair of Van Gogh

This rustic chair is know as the chair of Van Gogh in Japan from of his paint.

The original chairs are made in the mountain village of Spain from long time ago.
They were made by so called Greenwood Working technique which you cut down the tree in the mountain and use them while they are still green.  This is a primitive way of making furniture at any place in the world before the machine was invented.

As it is right and small, the child can bring it by him or herself. The original sheet is made by rush, but we can made it by paper code too.
Good for the present at one year birthday. 

Material:Hiba、Sheet ; Rush

Size:W 25cm×D 22cm×H 40cm×SH 18cm

We sometimes open the Greenwood Working Workshops to make these chairs.

The book was published by Masashi Kutsuwa ( an associate professor, The Gifu Academy of Forest Science and Culture )

”Chair of Van Gogh”
『ゴッホの椅子』誠文堂新光社 2016年刊