Homespun Indigo Dyed Muffler

You can use this in various ways, such as wrapping it around your neck or tying it in an interesting knot.
Because it is small and light, it can be conveniently packed in a bag.

Homespun yarn is a made by hand with the use of a spinning wheel.
This tradition began in the UK, and spread to the Tohoku region of Japan in the Meiji era, however it is rare to find people hand spinning yarn in Japan today.

At Arts & Crafts Village, we use wool of sheep from Okayama, wash it and dye it with natural plant dyes, spin it with a spinning wheel, and weave it by hand.

Yarns that are spun by hand are light, warm and soft.

Name: Homespun Indigo Muffler
Material: Wool (Coridale, Jacob)
Size: 12cm X 140cm
Technique: Indigo dyeing