Knotting Kit

Knotting is a knot weaving technique used for carpets such as kelims.

Arts & Crafts Village produces kits that allow you to make a single cushion using a simple wooden frame without a special loom.
(You can create a cushion with a maximum length of 45cm. You can also weave coasters and place mats.)

What is included in the wooden frame kit:
・Wooden frame (73cm X 61cm)
・Flat shuttle
・Flat (2cm width)
・Crab and Aya stick (4cm width)
・Manual about how to make the cushion – A5 colour booklet
(We use a lot of photographs to carefully explain how to stretch warp, how to tie, weave, and finish wool yarn.)

10,000 yen for kit (tax and shipping cost excluded)

Wool design kit

– cotton yarn
・ 100g cotton yarn for weft
・ Wool yarn: approx. 800g (for 35 squares) ,Approx. 600 g (for 30 rounds)
・ Grid design (see the photo above)

5,000 yen for 35cm angle wool kit (You can buy more wool kits and reuse the frame)
4,000 yen for 30cm circle (excludes tax and shipping costs)

You can take the following workshop at Arts & Crafts Village:

Knotting Workshop (about 2 hours)

After purchasing a wooden frame and a wool design kit, we learn how to tie and weave warp yarns.
After this, you can take the knotting kit home with you to finish your cushion.

Mini-sample course (10cm square, finished in 2 hours)

Hinoki Kusaki Weaving Gallery in Katsuyama, Okayama
Atelier SUYO in Osaka

You can purchase the kit and take the workshops at the above galleries and Arts & Crafts Village.
For purchases from the Arts & Crafts Village, please contact us via the contact form.