Egg Shaped Plate and butter knife

The Egg Shaped Plate is made by shaving the cherry wood trimmed like am egg.
If it is a round shape, it is easy to make by using wood lathe machine.   Making the egg shape takes more time and work.
You can enjoy this unbalance shape as a plate or a tray when you serve food or drink. 

We finished this plate by Urushi ( Japanese lacquer) before, but now use  prepolymer which is also natural lacquer but transparent to see the colour of cherry. 

Butter knife

When we traveled Sweden, we sew people use their own butter knives on the table.
In Japan, people share butter knife, so sometimes they have only one butter knife at home. We started to make this wooden butter knives when we open the Arts & Crafts Village in 1992.

The tip of the butter knife is up on the table when you lay it、so the butter doesn't stain.

The butter knife of this photo is made by cherry but we use various wood.
We also make one for left-handed person.

You can make your own butter knife at our Half Day Workshop,

Name :Egg Shaped Plate, Butter knife
Material:Cherry (Other )